Leonardo Fiori is a fine art photographer, videographer, and designer. His studies began as self-taught programmer, but, at the same time, inspired by the beauty offered by his homeland, Leonardo developed a strong interest in night photography. For a short period of time, he focused on astrophotography, documenting space through the skies of his land. He later moved to narrative, cinematic and documentary photography. Videomaking takes a big role too into Leonardo’s life: quite often he explores the world of film production, filming short fahion films or videoclips.

Leonardo graduated in Graphic Design and New Media from Accademia Italiana in Florence. There he improved his skills in photography, graphic design, 3D animation and web design. Since 2019 he collaborates with Garfagnanadream.it as a webmaster, graphic designer and system administrator.

Leonardo Fiori Photographer based in Lucca
Leonardo Fiori